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Expert Mould Removal, Mould Cleaning Brisbane

Our mould elimination process focuses on identifying the root cause of the issue and providing recommendations to discover a permanent option for our valued customers. The highly trained group at Mould Restoration Mould Removal uses a specialist solution and years of experience to ensure you obtain the best possible results.

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Step 1:

Our five-stage approach to removing mould begins with examining the afflicted area and how much work is needed. Your technician will certainly talk about therapy choices and also provide a composed quote.

Step 2:

We will take moisture measurements and determine what might have lead to the initial mould infestation.

Step 3:

Utilising an anti-microbial mould treatment, we can map moisture right into building products to deal with the visible and concealed mould.

Step 4:

We use specialised equipment to remove both moulds as well as mould discolourations. Following this process, repainting is not required in 95% of cases.

Step 5:

Non-mechanical air scrubbing is a procedure where a haze is sprayed right into the home to treat air-borne mould spores and stop re-colonisation.

We can provide you with some guidance on avoiding mould infestations– we reveal to you where prospective leakages and take the chance of locations are along with ways that you can increase airflow to keep your house free from mould in the future.

Your service technician can likewise supply some insights right into what might have created your mould concern in the first place. This recommendation is general, and you must undertake your very own research study with the pertinent tradespeople.

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Australia’s Many Extensive Mould Remediation Professionals

Kinds of mould that we can clean up and also assist with:

  • ACREMONIUM MOULD (Grows in air problem systems, window fractures and also humidifiers).
  • ALTERNARIA MOULD (Highly allergenic mould) Found in showers, bathtubs as well as damp locations.
  • ASPERGILLUS MOLDED This is a common mould discovered in Australian families.
  • AUREOBASIDIUM MOULD Aureobasidium is an allergenic mould that can often be found growing behind wallpaper or on repainted or wooden surface areas.
  • CHAETOMIUM MOULD A moulded commonly found in water-damaged homes as well as buildings.

Why Choose Us.

We give an excellent mould removal service that you and also your family members can rely on.

Our years of sector experience have educated us on the primary reasons for mould and how to eliminate mould successfully.

Allow us to look after your mould to enhance your home’s health and wellness.

Safe & Secure.

We only utilise market examined products and the best quality devices.

Prompt Solution.

We understand that your mould trouble is urgent, and give prompt quotes and therapy.


We maintain our expenses reduced and pass the cost savings on locals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Carpet Cleaning

It’s highly suggested not to attempt cleansing serious mould invasions on your own. Our customers trust our specialist training and experience to keep their health and wellness in mind throughout the mould cleansing procedure.

Dried-out mould indeed quits expanding actively. Spores need moisture to multiply, so eliminating excess water can help you stop the spread of mould. However, any development you have will certainly stay specifically where it is. Ought to you have humidity as well as a mouldy smell in your home, give us a call.

No, it is not risk-free to sleep in a bedroom with mould present. The indoor mould of any direct exposure is uneasy, but mould in the room is specifically so, merely as a result of the variety of hours you invest in your room breathing it in while you rest. Beyond the prompt allergic reaction symptoms, mould exposure might trigger sleep concerns, as well.

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